Chicken Soup with Mushroom

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Use pressure cooker

Within 1/2 hour.


Pizza with Old Friends

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IMG_9987100% Semolina dough.  Prosciutto and Brie

400F for 10 minutes

Fresh herb and pepper to garnish.

A bit of Pasta

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Simple Garlic Oil and sea salt

Pizza Dinner, 1/3 Semolina, 2/3 All purpose flour

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Good Old Friend from far came visit us with 3 lovely daughters.

Made some pizza with semolina and simple snacks, ready for Jet Lag…..

Trying out Semolina, 1/3 Semolina, 2/3 all purpose Flour.  Works.

Dinner for 2, Fish 2 ways

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Timing is everything for tonight.

Olive oil baked Tomato; fried Potato; Fish Chips; Grilled Fish and salad all get on the plate at the same time.

Wonderful dinner.

Veal Tail Stew

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New attempt. Very Tasty.

French Onion Soup

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Great Winter Soup.

Lots of Cheese, Onion Juice in Beef Broth.

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