BBQ Pork

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Merry Christmas

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IMG_0123Bake Ham.

Eggplant with shredded pork

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Hoisin sauce with balsamic vinegar

a touch of chilli.

Pork Chop for Two tonight

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This is a thick Pork Chop, French cut.  Too much for one person.

Total of 0f 12 minutes cook time and 5 minutes rest, very tender and juicy.

Wonton Soup

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Wonton Soup

Wonton with thin rice noodle in clear broth

A touch of KaiLan

Egg white Omelet for 2 with Bacon

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Easy Midday meal

Ready for tonight’s dinning out.

Dumpling in Soup 水餃

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This is really a fusion

Pork Dumpling in Chicken Broth with Miso

Topped with Egg slices and Scallions

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